McLindon Family Foundation

So here’s the thing …

If you haven’t read Lucia’s Story … well, you should. The short story and how we decided to support the McLindon Family Foundation is found in her story of adapting her dream to a new reality, because of a challenge she faced and still faces today.

Each of us has challenges that we face in life. Sometimes we need some help to manage them. Sometimes the challenge is a physical as well as mental one. Sometimes it is a new challenge that we face after an accident like Lucia’s. Sometimes there are challenges that we were born with and we have never known a different way.

But sometimes the challenge is bigger and speaks to our humanity. For Andrew McLindon, I think the challenge was raised like this, “Could you help a special needs child?” and his answer was, “Yes, I can help this child!”

From that first child, the Mclindon Family Foundation has been able to help many other children with special needs like muscular dystrophy and spina bifida. 100% of the donations go towards buying bikes and not one cent is used to pay administrative costs. Check out this NBC News segment from November 2015 that captures the joy these bikes, trikes and quads bring:

They have now donated some 160 bikes, trikes and quads through the generous contributions of donors. The benefits the kids receive have inspired us. Our ride through 15 states and over 4 months will cover about 5,500 miles.

One generous donor has agreed to match the first $5,500 in donations received during our ride – WoW!

We are asking you to support us on our cross-country ride, by making a donation to the McLindon Family Foundation.

Click to go directly to the McLindon Family Foundation’s Donation page on Facebook. Get your donation matched!

Alternatively, you may send a check directly to the foundation, payable to the foundation:

McLindon Family Foundation
8305 Tom Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70815

Here’s a fun little video that has Lucia talking about our upcoming journey: