Lucia’s Story – May 20, 2016

Here’s the #1 FAQ and Lucia’s response to it …

“Why do you want to ride across the USA?”

One question with so many answers. I could be a smart-aleck and say, “because I can,” but it is so much more than that.

I have always ridden a bike. My first red trike, my red two-wheeler, then my purple banana seat bike, followed by my blue “adult” bike, a beach cruiser, and “finally” my favorite, a yellow 10-speed Schwinn racing bike! Yes, I remember them all!

At age 26, I got a beach cruiser again, with a baby carrier on the back … and the front!

Igniting the dream

When my kids were older and my first marriage ended, I bought a carbon fiber Trek Madone. This bike was the vehicle that allowed me to really start riding long distances while I worked on finding “me” again. The more I pedaled, the more I realized that this thing with spokes and wheels was like a friend; a companion who could always make me smile while taking me to new places and meeting new friends; an unerring guide to discover the nature all around me – all around us. The bike and the distances sparked a desire in me to one day ride my bike across the country.

Dream killer?

In December 2014, I was in a car accident. Nothing was broken or bleeding, but I was hurt and suffered what’s called “soft tissue damage” – shorthand for “you might always be in pain”. I quickly discovered that riding a two-wheeled upright bike was essentially unbearable, unless I could find joy with my pain level at a “10”. My cross-country dream was certainly dimmed, if not extinguished. Enter my knight in shining armor, my husband, riding on his recumbent trike.

‘Bent dreams

Dreams are nothing if not extremely fluid, jumping from the likely to the unlikely and back in just seconds. I reluctantly accepted Mike’s challenge to give trike riding a try, to see if there might be a way to adapt my dream to my new reality. A few false starts finally led me to the ICE Sprint recumbent trike, and my new reality was able to allow my dream to start again. My new dream has Mike riding with me wherever we go, and go we shall, one pedal stroke at a time.

The bigger picture

Overcoming my physical challenges to get back to riding again has made me pause to consider the challenges that others face; the challenges that some are born with and carry with them from their first breath of life; their first awakening to the larger world around them; the courage and fight that they have to bring into every activity that I have taken for granted. I wondered how I could help? Could biking/pedaling help in some way?

My questioning led me to the McLindon Family Foundation. They provide adaptive bikes to special needs children. Andrew McLindon and his family realized this fundamental concept:

Every child wants a bike of their own

I know I wanted a bike of my own at every stage of my life, not just as a child. So to help the McLindon Family Foundation and to help the special needs children feel the freedom of a bike, we have signed on to the McLindon Family Foundation Challenge (MFF Challenge on Facebook). Support our challenge and let’s create some freedom for some wonderful children.