A New Year – A New Adventure


Hello and welcome to the first posting on TwoTravelingTrikes.com.

It’s a new year, and with the new year comes a focus on our new adventure!

Pedaling across the USA!

Here are the basics of our 4-part plan:

  • Fly with our ICE Sprint 26 recumbent trikes to Portland, Oregon (mid-June).
  • Ride to the Pacific Coast (dipping a tire into the ocean, of course)
  • Ride to the Atlantic Coast (dipping a tire into the ocean, of course)
    • Arrive near the end of September
  • Ride home
    • Arrive near the end of October

We will be following the TransAmerica Trail, a cross-country bicycling route that is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2016. In 1976, some 4,000 bicyclists took part in the Bikecentennial, the first cross-country group cycling event designed to coincide with America’s Bicentennial. The 40th anniversary has a number of planned events and we are hoping to meet many other riders along the way.

So follow along on our adventure, feel free to comment, while noting that comments are moderated so they may not show up immediately since we will be either riding or preparing to ride (if you are a spammer, they may never show up).

Keep Rolling!

01/29/2016 – Hey everyone, here’s an update to our first bullet point, above:

  • Fly with our ICE Sprint 26 recumbent trikes to Portland, Oregon Sea-Tac, aka Seattle-Tacoma Airport (mid-June).
    • Ride approximately 200 miles to the “official” start of the TransAmerica Trail to Astoria, Oregon. This will make our cross-country portion of the trip just under 4,500 miles/7225 km.

I have mapped out a route to get us from Virginia to Mount Dora. This section is about another 1,000 miles/1600 km and will take us along the East Coast and North Carolina’s Outer Banks with a ferry ride from Ocracoke to the mainland. For those of you who are counting chickens, that means our total trip will run in the neighborhood of 5,500 miles/8,800 km.

13 thoughts on “A New Year – A New Adventure

  1. I am so excited for you both and look forward to hearing about your many adventures! The page looks great. xoxo

  2. Great idea! My only suggestions is to adjust the layout of your cover photo so the text does not obscure Lucia’s lovely smile.

    1. Thanks for reading. Your suggestion is a good one and as soon as I can get my rookie blogging skills refined a bit, I will fix it.

      What I would really like for that spot is a nice logo that evokes the whole two traveling trike ethos … also a work in progress.

  3. Mike & Lucia
    We were wondering what you guys were up to.
    Now we know. WOW!!! this is great. We are very excited for you on your new adventure. Hope you can stop by.
    Love to both of you,

    Leon & Ellen

    1. Leon, we were just thinking about you on your recent birthday! As we get closer to your neck of the woods we will be sure to let you know.

      Thanks for reading!

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